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28 Oct 2016

Battlefield 1 guide
You start with an unacceptable class that does not fit playstyle you might be lost!

The Battlefield 1 Dominator guide gives you a guide for those classes amongst people.

Whether you're playing as Assault, Medic, Support or Scout you are going to play in your strengths.

There is no such thing because BEST class but THERE IS such thing as playing in your strengths!

Battlefield 1 character progression guide

You will find out Precisely how in the BF1 Dominator guide!

Class Strategies:

You aren't immediately after an instruction manual if you pick-up the tactic guide. How many "strategy guides" maybe you have observed that aren't anything greater flashy game manual?

Well, the BF1 Dominator is different!

We're going to give you the...